Fresh Crab Recipes

Anthony's Restaurant offers delightful tips on preparing Dungeness crab
The Dungeness crab fishery is now in full swing around most areas of Puget Sound, and many are reporting good success.

Happy it's soft-shell crab season
It's an ordinary blue crab that has shed its hard outer shell during the normal process of seasonal growth. The crabs have an entirely different taste when they are in this state, and the delicate soft shells add a nice crunch.

Books That Cook: the classics, Brazilian barbecue and breakfast
. TITLE: The American Cookbook — A Fresh Take on Classic Recipes by Elena Rosemond-Hoerr and Caroline Bretherton (DK Publishing, $25, 256 pages)

Cookbook review: ‘Fresh’ offers seasonal recipes - Wed, 16 Jul 2014 PST

Ingredient of the week: Cucumber
How cool is a cucumber? It turns out that the idiom has roots in reality; the inside of a field cucumber on the vine measures approximately 20 degrees cooler than the air. So it's no wonder that cucumber makes for such a refreshing addition to summertime salads, soups, salsas and cocktails.

Try Crab and Chili Pepper Gazpacho
It's summertime, and the only soup we think about is gazpacho.

Best of food and drink this week
A round-up of some of our favourite recipes and food-related features this week including an ingredient spotlight on cherries, ways to mix it up at cocktail hour, and a recipe for garlic scape pesto.

Fresh strawberries mean more than shortcake
Do you eat them straight out of the basket? Dipped in chocolate or cooked into jam? Sliced onto shortcake?

Ingredient of the week: Cherries
From the sweet Bing, Rainier, Viscount and Viva to the sour Montmorency, cherries are here. If you have any left over after eating them straight from the basket, dive into our collection of seven recipes. We have cherry pie three ways, a dried cherry fougasse, two varieties of salad, and a spiked lemonade.

4th Of July Recipes: 4 Easy Patriotic Menu Ideas To Make On The Fourth Of July
President Barack Obama prepares to eat as he visits the Dooky Chase restaurant in New Orleans February 7, 2008. REUTERS