Fresh Crab Recipes

Get your claws into British crab
It is much cheaper than lobster and some say tastier plus a sustainable and versatile ingredient. Do you cook with crab? Would you boil it yourself? And can any recipe surpass a simple crab mayo sandwich? It may have been an extended summer, but it is well and truly over. The bucket and spade are long packed up, the sticks of rock have been chomped through and that whisper of a suntan has faded ...

Espinosa shares secrets of great crab cakes
Last week, planning to write a feature about crab cakes, I sought out Zach Espinosa, chef at Harbor House. We ended up having an in-depth discussion of what makes a great crab cake, the sourcing of crab meat and much more, including a discussion of trends in seafood. So, like a great chef does with an unexpected delivery of a new ingredient, I called an audible and am sharing the entire ...

Phillips crab-crusted seared ahi
Phillips Seafood shares its recipe for crab-crusted seared ahi.

Delicious chunks of crab meat–in a tin can
I enjoy eating crabs but not the tedious task of cracking and picking the meat off its shell.

Cook's Corner: Marshmallow Witches are simple idea for Halloween party
A reader asks: Can you get the recipe for the Korean pizza at Batch Gastropub in Miami's Brickell neighborhood? We got it.

Fast and fresh off the farm
Andrew Moore, Pumpkins, Egg Tempera, 1996. The Martha’s Vineyard Food and Wine Festival kicks off on Thursday evening at 7 pm at the Ag Hall, with Fresh off the Farm , a “gathering of community and cuisine,” with farm-to-table tastes from Island chefs (and farmers) such as Nathan Gould, and pairings of wine and beer, all to the tunes of Good Night Louise.

Catch of the day: National Seafood Month
Florida ranks among the Top 12 states for fresh seafood production, according to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Commercial fishers in the Sunshine State catch more than 84 percent of the nation's supply of grouper, pompano, mullet, stone crab, pink shrimp, spiny...

A museum-quality spice collection
When is an herb too old to use? Just ask my husband.

Alice P. Clark: Get ready to sink your fangs into these Halloween recipes
“Even a man who is pure of heart,

Seafood Cioppino from Chef Wayne Sych
A Seafood Cioppino recipe from Executive Chef Wayne Sych, Joe Fortes Seafood and Chophouse.